Eli_Epstein_Photocall_Studio_sm2Eli Epstein has been a professional DJ, engineer, and producer for 25 years.  As early as high school, he was a sought after DJ whose mixtapes were Boston-area bestsellers, and he began to hone his engineering prowess at the famous Syncro Sound Studios, home of The Cars.  Throughout the ’90s, he was a resident DJ at NYC hotspot APT, while working at Sony Music Studios under some of the world’s best engineers (Bob Power, Tony Maserati, Rich Keller).  After relocating to LA in 2002, Epstein released the cult classic record “Silver Clouds” under the name Photocall.  Licensed by Clone, it continues to be spun by tastemaking DJs worldwide.  In 2006, he opened his own production and mixing studio, known in its current incarnation as The Escape Pod, working with a diverse array of clients including Hyperloop, Ghostly International, Kim Ann Foxman, Sfire, and The New York Times. A student of recording history and technique, Epstein utilizes an extensive and carefully curated collection of vintage outboard gear, pedals, and synthesizers, marrying retro warmth to state of the art technology.


Recent Mixing & Sound Design Work:

Music Mixed by Eli Epstein:

  1. This Is The Girl Maheras 1:34
  2. A Little Slow, A Little Late Maheras 1:35
  3. Sfire3 Sfire 1:50
  4. Sfire2 Sfire 1:24
  5. Delicious NYCPARTYINFO 1:31
  6. Birds & Souls Birds & Souls 1:16
  7. All The Way Thru Cazion 1:16
  8. Midnight College My Faust 1:08
  9. Flying Tiger Of Love Photocall 1:18

Maheras (Plastic Love, Into The Woods)
"If you're looking for someone to take great care with your music and elevate it to the next level, Eli is your guy. He has an incredible ear, tons of experience, and some of the best gear around."
Pleasure Planet (Firehouse)

"We love working with Eli. He’s an awesome dude who is always unbelievably patient in helping us achieve the sound we are imagining. His ear is unmatched and his studio is a dream. Highly recommended!"

Sam Valenti IV (Ghostly International)
"Eli is a joy to work with. He has great taste and makes the artist feel welcome and open to collaborate."
Cooper Saver (Distant Works, Far Away)
"When HEALTH asked me to do this remix I knew Eli was the perfect friend I could go to for help getting the sounds and textures I had in mind. With the comfort of his studio, patience, and attention to detail, I felt very at ease working with him and learned a lot in our session! When he sent me back his final mix I literally sent it off to mastering without needing to adjust anything."
LOUISAHHH!!! (RAAR, Bromance)
"In addition to being a fantastic human, Eli helped make our tracks sound exactly as we intended.  Grateful for not only the laughter shared during our session, but also the end result of a great sounding record."
Sfire (Ultramajic, Cocktail d’Amore)
"Eli's excellent taste in music makes his studio work that much better. I had no doubt he would understand my fantasy and make it a reality."
Kim Ann Foxman (Firehouse)

"Eli sure knows how to take your music there + he's super fun to work with!  I love how he treats my vocals.  His gear + studio = insane!  He really loves what he does, and you can feel that!"